Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mint Chip Dump Cake

Amanda - your dessert wish is my command... This is my most favorite dessert. Incredibly moist and balanced flavors. Very rich, so you don't need a big piece. I only make this for company because I wouldn't want to know what the damage would be if I had lots of leftovers calling my name. Sorry - I don't have a picture of this one. I'm too busy digging in to stop and take a shot of it.

1 (18.25 oz) package yellow cake mix

1 (5.9 oz) package instant chocolate pudding mix

4 eggs, beaten

2/3 cup vegetable oil

2/3 cup white sugar

1/3 cup water

1 (8 oz) container sour cream

1 cup Andes mint chips (or Andes mints chopped up)

1 cup fudge topping

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour a Bundt pan.
  2. In a bowl, mix the yellow cake mix, pudding mix, eggs, vegetable oil, sugar, and water. Gently fold in the sour cream and mint chips. Pour batter into the prepared Bundt pan.
  3. Bake in the preheated oven for 55 minutes. Cool in pan for 10 minutes before transferring to cooling racks. When partially cooled, transfer to cake plate, pour fudge sauce over the top and garnish with a few more Andes chips on top.
COSTS: $6.86
(depending on stock of general pantry items)

Cake Mix - $.99 (Aldi's, Meijer sales)
Sour Cream - $.99 (Aldi's)
Eggs - $.40 (Meijer or Aldi's)
Ande's Mint Chips - $2.49 (FamilyFare, Meijer... sometimes find Ande's Mints for $1 at Dollar Stores)
Fudge Topping $1.99 (Aldi's)


* You can use mini chocolate chips in replacement.
* If you use regular chocolate or mint chips, chop them up or they tend to settle down from gravity.
* If you like LOTS of chocolate, you can use a chocolate/devil food cake mix.


  1. What great recipes - thanks for doing this - I love it!

  2. Thanks for the great recipe...I tried it on Saturday, but had to make a few modifications (which all turned out to be delicious!)

    My grocery store didn't have the large packages of chocolate pudding mix, so I used the 'mint chocolate' flavor instead and used 3/4 of the Andes mints.

    I also started making the cake BEFORE realizing that I don't have a bundt cake pan (what a dork), so I ended up making it into two 9 inch cakes. I stacked them (with the fudge topping in the middle), and frosted the whole thing with chocolate frosting. Seemed to work out fine.

    I'll be making this one again!

  3. Thanks Claire.

    Amanda - way to improvise. Glad that it turned out. I'll have to try the layering method myself.


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