Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Jicama Salad

For those of you not familiar with jicama - it's a white bulb with a fibrous texture, also known as a Mexican Yam. It's fairly plain tasting, but adds crunch and a hint of sweetness, similar to like a carrot. It contains vitamins C, A and B, along with calcium. To eat, peel the exterior and then thinly slice or grate (my preference) the jicama.

A couple of years ago I posted a different recipe for a jicama salad - (Jicama Lime Chicken Salad) which I love, but I was looking for something a little more on the sweet side. This is what I came up with for a family get together over Memorial  Day weekend. You could definitely add chicken to this if you wanted protein in it.

1 head of Romaine, chopped (or two hearts)
2 Roma Tomatoes, chopped ( I remove the seeds/juice and use just the flesh)
1 c Sweet Corn
1 c Carrots, shredded
1 c Jicama, shredded & drained*
Optional Crunch Factor (I wish I had added something like wonton strips, tortilla strips, or chow mein noodles for a bit of salt & crunch to the salad)

* The longer shredded jicama sits, the more the moisture comes out. I just squeeze the liquid out with my hands. You could use a towel or press into a strainer.

-- Wisk ingredients together or shake in a sealed container. Add a little bit at a time, depending on how much lettuce you use, you may not need the whole amount.
1/4 c Lime Juice
1/4 c Oil (I used sunflower oil)
1/4 c White Sugar
1/2 t Cinnamon
2 t Sesame Seeds
1 t Sesame Oil (optional)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Settling In... Sort Of

What a roller coaster the last couple of months have been. We've gone from playing the waiting game for a new job, to hurry up and get there to start a job. Then my husband moved with all of our "stuff" (well, most of it) while the boys and I stayed in ND to finish up the school year (okay, almost the end). After being apart for 3 weeks, we packed up what we had left and packed up the Blazer (most of it fit) and headed east to start a new life in an old place.

Before we left, the boys and I made a "Bucket List" of what we wanted to do before leaving. We managed to check off everything on the list, plus a few. We missed out on seeing a few people we would have loved to see one more time... but know that we will be back to visit.

The trip in our tightly packed/cramped quarters took about 15 hours over some intense conditions.
  • Minnesota was rainy and I got stuck behind state police going 5 under the speed limit. Took me almost an hour to work up the courage to pass him (after watching about 5 other vehicles successfully do so).
  • Wisconsin was intensely windy and it was a battle to keep the truck on the road. The conditions however did keep me from getting lulled to sleep through a beautiful but very long part of the trip. We toke a break from sitting to stop and see some friends of mine from college. It was great to see them again. I may or may not have stood the whole hour we were there...
  • Illinois was equally windy, but just add traffic. As we got closer to Chicago, all the buildings eventually provided some relief from the wind. 
  • By time we hit Indiana it was late and my butt was done... 
  • I breathed a sigh of relief crossing over the Michigan border, but not as big of a sigh as when I pulled into the driveway and saw my husband and we were all together again. Home really is wherever we are together.
The next day, my husband had slated us to go look at a house we had our eye on in our online investigations. It had been listed as sold, but had come back on the market. A mere 12 hours after arriving in the state, I found myself putting an offer in on a house. Talk about overwhelming! My husband had been touring houses but was convinced it was the one. Our offer was accepted, and now we are on to inspections. It's a 100+ year old farmhouse. There is room for kids to play and I can plant a garden & fruit trees/bushes. The house will take quite a bit of work, but God blessed me with a handy husband when it comes to those things.

We've the gift/luxury of staying at a family member's house for the summer while they stay at their cottage. We will have time and freedom to make repairs, paint & update much of the house before moving in. What a blessing.

So we are here. Settled in to a place that isn't as familiar as it use to be. We are loving time with family and friends, but missing our far away friends dearly. We keep praying that God will continue to direct our steps as we make a new home in a familiar place. We look forward to reconnecting with friends and family, and forging new relationships. We are blessed with so many amazing people, across so many miles, that we call our friends and family.

Here's to new beginnings, fresh starts, familiar faces, and new places...