Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Aunt Vi's Church Window Cookies

Once again I offer another staple from Aunt Vi's Christmas table... the church window cookie. This is a sugar high waiting to happen and simple enough to have kids help in the kitchen.

1/2 c Butter**
12 oz Chocolate Chips
1 pkg Colored mini marshmallows
Powdered sugar or coconut

Melt butter and chocolate. Set aside to cool slightly. Gently fold in marshmallows until coated.
Spread into logs on tin foil sprinkled with powdered sugar of coconut. Roll up tight and refrigerate. Slice about 1/2" thick.

**You can substitute margarine, but you won't want to...

Total Cost: $3.48
Butter $.50 (Aldi's)
Chocolate Chips $1.49 (Meijer)
Marshmallows $1.49 (Meijer)


  1. I remember these as a child. My mom used to make them. She also used to make it somehow with peanut butter - but she can't remember what I'm talking about. : ) YUM!!

  2. I love Church windows and they are so easy to make,

  3. but we used waxed paper instead of foil

  4. What is great is there are different kinds of marshmallow so you can make a variety I just made them with Peppermint, and another batch with coconut, marshmallow. Turned out yummy! Going to try choc - peanutbutter chips with white marshmallows. So easy to make and they look great on my cookie trays.


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