Sunday, February 20, 2011

So Much For Our Weekend

The kids are gone for 5 days on vacation with grandparents, my husband had a weekend off, and we were going to enjoy some time off. We still hadn't made it to go out to eat for our anniversary (in December) so this was the weekend. Unfortunately all that changed when I got a call on Thursday from my husband saying he was on his way home from the hospital.

He had been seen for cellulitis (bacterial skin infection) in his hand. They gave him antibiotics and sent him home with instructions to be off work for 3-4 days minimum. The fever/chills was setting in and we hoped he could kick it once the medicine kicked in.

On Friday, he woke up to find red lines moving up his arm to about his bicep and a hard bump under the skin. A trip to the med center had him increase his antibiotics (for the infected lymph node) and instructions to go to the hospital if it worsened. On Saturday (planned day for Anniversary date), he went into the ER because of increased pain near his shoulder. They gave him an IV of antibiotics and sent him home. This afternoon he went back in for another dose of IV antibiotics, but it appears that things are starting to get slightly better.

The boys come home tomorrow, we've canceled most of our weekend plans. Our "anniversary date" ended up being fried chicken and a DVD marathon of "The Closer" that I picked up at the video store.

I'm glad that the boys weren't here because I'm sure they would have worried and had a hard time to stay away from dad and let him rest. I'm glad they got great time with grandparents. I have enjoyed an enormous amount of sleep in their absence, but it wasn't really the weekend I had hoped for. At the same time, it was a lot better than sitting in a hospital if he had to have been admitted.

Someday we'll get to go out for our anniversary and use the gift certificate we've been holding on to for it. However, I think we are going to quit planning on it, because every time we do, someone gets sick.

Oh well. That's life. It is what it is.

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