Friday, April 8, 2011

Daily Struggle

I'm sick of winter, the cold, the bulky clothing, and indoor confinement.

That's why we splurged and enjoyed a great weekend away with the boys at an indoor waterpark last weekend. It was a great time to enjoy being together - all 4 of us. Unfortunately, that is a rare thing for us right now that my husband and I work opposite schedules. It helped with the blahs, but left me wanting more.

That short taste of relaxation and refreshment was intoxicating. I want more. Mentally I could use it right now. Just another week or two of major deadlines and projects to make it through. Then life will return... until the next thing comes up. In the craziness of life, I am feeling overwhelmed. There is so much to be done and so little time... Same old story.

I guess I'll have to learn what it means to be content in chaos, flexible in the flow of life, and how to pace myself.

I got a taste of spring today... 60 degrees. I haven't experienced that warm of temps in about 5 months. How I've missed it. I want more. Flip flops are calling. Thank you Lord for that reminder that spring is here, and warmer days are ahead.

I said something flippantly in conversation today, but think I need to frame it and look at it daily. Thank you Lord for the little bit of insight. "Life doesn't have to be 'fair' but just well lived." What am I don't to live well today? What about you?

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  1. A hug to you, girlie. I was helped a lot when I learned that life has not just physical seasons, but emotional/metaphorical ones, too. Much love!


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