Monday, January 18, 2010

Budget Saver Nachos

Let me say once again, how much I love Mexican food and flavors. The warming spices, the subtle heat (and sometimes blazing heat), incredible sauces, balance of meat/vegetables/carbs, and that doesn't take into account the vivid colors. It just looks good to eat.

For a quick fix meal I love to take some leftover taco meat and make myself a plate of yummy nachos. I use either chicken and beef filling - whatever I have on hand. If I have blue corn tortilla chips it's even better.

Oven Option: lightly spray a cookie sheet and lay out tortilla chips. Layer meat, veggies (I like tomatoes and peppers), and top with cheese (Cheddar or Monterrey-Jack). Bake for 5-8 minutes at 350 or until cheese is melted.

Microwave Option: On a plate, lay out tortilla chips, meat, veggies and cheese. Heat for 1-2 minutes at half power (gives you soft cheese - full power often will make the cheese overly crispy).

Total Cost: $2.25 - $5.00
Tortilla Chips $1.00
Cheese $.50
Tomato $.50
Peppers $.25
Taco Meat (left over) or $2.75

Veggies - Jalapenos or other hot peppers, any mild pepper, onions, tomato, tomatillos, etc
Toppings - lettuce, sour cream, hot sauce, salsa, etc
Meat(ground or shredded) - beef , chicken, turkey, pork, venison, etc.

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  1. totally bought these blue chips today at Aldi! Jake's opinion... EWWWW mommy! :) HA!


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