Friday, February 19, 2010

Mini Kid Pizza

Growing up my mom made pizzas on english muffins many Sunday nights. We loved pizza, but the the english muffins - not so much. So here is my adaptation of mini-pizzas. It's a quick fix and often with things that I have on hand or have just a bit of leftovers to use up.

The beauty of these little things is that my boys help me make them and everyone gets the toppings that they want.

1 tube Grands style flaky biscuits
Pizza Sauce or Loaded Tomato Sauce
2-3 c Mozzarella Cheese, shredded
Toppings of choice

TOTAL COSTS: $3.00 - $9.00
Biscuits $1.50 (Aldi)
Sauce - from Stock
Cheese* - $1.50 (Aldi)
Meat & Veggie Toppings - $0.00 - 6.00 (Meijer/Aldi/Costco)

* I shred the block myself, it melts better and I'd rather not eat the wax they coat shredded cheese with.

  • Pepperoni - Son #2 (3 years old)
  • Pepperoni & Sausage - Son #1 (6 years old)
  • Ham/Green Peppers/Oregano or Chicken/Broccoli/Oregano - Me (not telling years old)
  • Meat Lovers - Husband (he can't remember years old)

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