Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Bit Of A Different Format

I've been wondering for a while on how to transform a blog of just recipes into more. It lacks the soul, art, and life in the kitchen. There is more to the love of cooking than just the recipe to produce.

So hopefully a bit of humor, struggles with food allergies stories of kitchen tragedies, and few slanted looks at life will personalize it a bit.

So what am I up to lately? I've been working in the kitchen on creating homemade sausage. I've been struggling to find a good quality sausage without gluten and dairy that doesn't cost a fortune. Can I just mention how much my boys (including the grown up one) love sausage? For breakfast, on pizza, in spaghetti/lasagna/pasta/etc... Okay, I enjoy it too.

So my frugal solution? Learn how to make my own. I picked up a lunch of pork on sale ($1 - $1.50/lb) and on clearance ($.80/lb) and we've been grinding it up (love my Kitchen Aid attachment). Texture is good, but the spice blend is still in the tweaking process.

So wish me well and pray for my boys that they can handle the concoctions being sent their way.

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