Thursday, June 11, 2009

Budget Friendly Mexican Tostadas

I adore Mexican food. Probably my favorite ethnic food. Love the spice, the crunch, the veggies - pretty much everything except for the super heat that my northern taste buds can't handle...

One of our favs around here is tostadas, a.k.a. the big chips by my boys. These can be whipped up in a matter of moments, are inexpensive, and low calorie/carb (if you want).

Here are a few layering techniques I've learned. You want something "sticky" for the bottom layer - on top of the tostada. I typically use sour cream or spanish rice (cooked until it's a bit drier/stickier). Follow that by your meat and cheese so the cheese begins to melt over the warm meat. Top with your favorite veggies... press down slighly to compact and make a BIG mess while trying to eat the yummy goodness.

1 lb Turkey $1.29 (Aldi's)
Spices $.29 (Aldi's - or pennies using large bottle from Costco)
Shredded Cheese $.50 (Costco $4/lb cheddar)
Tomatoes $.30 (Meijer romas)
Lettuce $.50 ($1 Meijer/Aldi's)
Sour Cream $.10 (Aldi's)
Fried Corn $.30 (Meijer $1 frozen corn)
Sauteed Peppers $.20 (Aldi's)
Tostada $1 (Meijer $3 pkg or $1.50 on clearance!!)

Meat & cheese (for my veggie fearing boys)
Vegetarian (really yummy this way)
With Spanish Rice (adds a bit more substance and creamy texture)
Sauteed All Veggies (adds a smokey flavor)
Mess Pile - scoop up everything that fell off w/tortilla chips
Salsa (adds flavor but makes it runny, opt for pico de galo)
Meats - can use turkey, pork, chicken, or beef

Any other suggestions?

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