Monday, June 29, 2009

Lunch On A Budget

Lunch always seems to be a hassle in our world. Between busy days and getting tired of the same thing over and over... I get really bored with lunch food. So I try to mix things up as much as any stay/work-from-home can. Here's one of my favorite tricks.

I buy in bulk and break things down into small packages. Here's a how I save money doing it...

I head on over to the local GFS (Gordon Food Service), it's a bulk warehouse type store with no membership fees. I can get a good quality meat sliced into lunch meat for $2.50 or less a lb. That's turkey, roast beef, ham, etc. However, I end up with 10+ lbs of each form of lunch meat. Not going to eat through that any time soon, so what do I do?

I purchase lots of sub buns from the discount bread store ($.89 for 8) and Costco Cheddar ($4 for 2 lbs) and make a variety of different sandwiches and freeze for my hubby's lunches. He grabs one and they thaw by lunch and keep the rest of the lunch cool in the process.

Then, I break down the meat into 1/2 lb packages and throw them in the deep freeze. So when the mood strikes, I can pick whatever whatever sounds good.

Saves us a TON of money on eating out and lunch supplies. Plus it's healthy and filling.

***Do you have a frugal lunch idea? Would love to hear!!!***

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