Thursday, June 4, 2009

Roasted Corn

What's summer without corn on the cob? It's got to be one of the messiest, best tasting ways to eat a vegetable. Yes, I know that diabetics consider it a carb... But that's another discussion.

For parties I've taken to roasting my corn. It's a really easy process that can be prepped well in advance and leaves it ready for your family/guests to enjoy.

Husk your corn just before cooking. If you peel and peak, or husk ahead, you are losing moisture and will get dry, chewy corn. To pick a good one, feel the top of the ear (in the husk). If it is solid, thick, and firm -- you've got a good ear. If it feels narrow - the top is probably underdeveloped. If it's squishy - it's rotting.

Once you've husked your corn, butter and season your corn, and wrap it in tin foil. I opt for simple sea salt and cracked pepper. Anything goes though.

Wrap the corn up and place on a cookie sheet (with sides). Roast at 325 for 30-40 minutes. Corn can remain in the foil to stay warm for serving. You could do this on the grill, but keep it rotating so it doesn't burn. Corn has a lot of natural sugar and it will begin to carmelize/burn if overcooked.

COSTS: $2.50
12 Ears of Corn - $2 (sale at Meijer)
Butter - $.50 (1 stick of $2 Aldi pack)
Salt & Pepper (from stock)

Lime Butter, Salt & Pepper
Parmesan Cheese, Garlic Salt, & Butter
Lawry's Salt & Butter
Browned Butter


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