Friday, March 19, 2010

Cheaper Doesn't = Frugal

Some of the recipes you may find on this blog aren't "cheap." You could follow the stockpiling blogs and shop for a lot less. However, that doesn't mean that you will eat well. And if you aren't eating well and balanced there is nothing frugal about it.

I'm just starting to truly learn the importance of that. What is a true value? Which organic items are worth the cost? Which foods add a great deal to a meal at a great price? Which items are important to be eating more of? These are all the questions I'm asking myself.

I want to eat well and eat food that I love. I want my kids to grow up and enjoy food responsibly - taking care of their bodies and health. I want the same thing for myself. Now in a new location it's a great time to reevaluate the way I eat and cook before getting established in my personal patterns.

This Week:
  • Coconut oil - I've learned about it's health benefits for a long time. At room temperature it's a solid, but melts quickly and easily. I used it for stir fry this week. Planning on using for pancakes in the morning. I've heard it's great for skin as a moisturizer too. Time to read up. Do you use it? If so how?
  • Flavored Stevia - It's a natural sweetener. It's taste is good, but the aftertaste is a bit acquired. Only a small amount is used, and it's very low calorie. I'm hoping to make my own coffee creamer. I love flavored creamers but reading the ingredient list is a bit frightening. I bought chocolate flavored to try making my own "chocolate milk."
Next Week:
  • Looking for local co-op farms. Living in a rental isn't going to let me grow much, just what will fit on my mini deck in pots. So I'd like to find a place where I can make something grow.
  • New Spices - I'm clearing out the old and starting over. Spices don't last forever. A store in town offers organic spices by the scoop at an incredibly low cost. I have my own spice rack/jars so this is perfect and inexpensive. What's the spice that you can't live without? Best surprise taste?


  1. I LOVE coconut oil! I use it as much as possible, and yes, even on my skin! The flavored stevia is good too...try the SweetLeaf brand in the bottle. It only takes 4-5 drops to make a large glass of chocolate milk...and no after taste! My kids love it! And a spice I can't live without??? Basil. Must have basil!!! :)

  2. hmmmm - coconut oil. i've never tried it... or even taken more than a split second to think about it (that's being generous). not sure about the whole stevia thing... i've heard it's almost TOO sweet. i too LOVE basil... it's so yummy on chicken!!

  3. My "can't-live-without" spices: cayenne (used in incredibly small amounts), bay leaves, and cumin. As I don't buy seasonings for chili/taco meat/etc, I use a lot of cumin. We also go through a lot of garlic, cilantro, & ginger, but prefer to buy those fresh.

  4. I agree with you Sara, I can't live without spices. Spices and herbs from our spice rack is really important in our kitchen. It organize our kitchen and it also adds design in the dining area.


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