Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Frugal Freezer - Marinaded Meat

A quick fix for weeknight meal. Instead of thawing your meat, cutting it up, and then marinading it... try it in a different order. I often buy meat in a large piece when it goes on a great sale. For instance, when I can get a whole pork loin at a ridiculous price. I do. Bring it home and get it set up for several meals. I'll cut some into a large roast (that I can use the leftovers for another meal), slice up into pork steaks to grill, and dice it up for stir fry or braising. The same with steak.

I'll watch the reduced price area for quick sale following a large sale. The leftovers there are discounted off even their sale price. They can be immediately used or frozen for later grilling. I thinly slice some for stir fry and fajitas as well. So instead of thawing and then marinading... I put the marinade in the quart bag with the sliced meat, allow it meld for a bit and then throw it in the freezer. I put several different meals in a "Beef" gallon bag that can be reused.

I'm trying to keep beef, pork and chicken on hand. For chicken I'll buy the extra large packages and roast (be sure not to over cook) them ahead of time. Bone in cooked chicken can be frozen and then used to grill for BBQ chicken. You simply are reheating and adding sauce. No more pink chicken off the grill. The rest I debone and shred for stir fry, soup, tacos, fried rice, enchiladas, etc where I use pre-cooked chicken.

THIS SAVES TONS OF TIME on meal night. I can use marinades like this that I bought at a discount (based on upcoming expiration date) and get meat marinading in the freezer. I don't have to eat a week worth of meals of the same sauce because it's about to expire. And I also don't have to eat the same protein all week as well.

  • Pork - plain, soy sauce, terryaki/ginger marinades, chipotle, bbq, molasses and stock, etc
  • Beef - plain, chipotle, soy sauce, dry rubs, A1, Italian dressing, taco seasoning, fajita seasoning, tomato sauce/juice, etc
  • Chicken - plain, lemon pepper, lime and tequila, soy sauce, Italian dressing, herbs & olive oil, fajita seasoning, taco seasoning, chipotle, terryaki/ginger marinade, bbq, chicken stock (for soup), Cajun, etc


  1. I do this too, as well as cooking up ground beef and chicken before throwing in the freezer so I can just pull it out and add to the recipe I'm making. It saves so much time and money!!!

  2. I forgot ham as well. I buy a whole ham and cut it up into steaks for dinner, pieces for sandwiches, and diced bits for quick fry breakfast or hashes.


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