Friday, January 7, 2011

Frugal Quick Fixes

Okay, so I had planned to make pizza tonight, but never made it to the health food store to get the cheese alternative (Daiya Shreds) for my son's allergen-free pizza... so, needed a quick fix dinner with whatever I have on hand.

I keep 2-3 meals that I don't usually schedule during the same week that I usually have all the components for. My husband knows them by heart because they appear frequently on the kitchen table for dinner. They may be ordinary, but it saves us a lot of money in takeout, fast food, or other dining out alternatives.

Ground beef tacos (or whatever meat I have on hand - ground turkey, shredded chicken/pork, etc)

What's your go-to emergency meal idea?


  1. I make a simple hamburger and rice hot dish with Cream of Mushroom soup. I toss in some chopped onions and/or celery and call it good. We eat it with pickle spears on the side and whatever vegetable anyone wants.

    Of course, if you asked my husband this same question, his answer would be Taco John's, KFC, or take-out Chinese.

  2. We do tacos often as well, even with beans instead of meat. Or baked nachos if we don't have shells.

    And, of course breakfast for dinner!


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