Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life Changes

So just about the time I start to think that I've got things into a rhythm, the music changes. It seems that I'll be dancing to a new tune starting next week.

I'm heading back to work, full-time.

I haven't been employed full-time outside of the home in about 7 years - when my oldest son was born. I stepped down to part-time after son #1 and stayed at home after son #2 was born. The last couple of years have been a series of part-time and freelance jobs trying to make ends meet as Andy returned to school and searched for employment.

I wasn't looking for full-time work, but everything part-time that I had applied for (outside of being a substitute lunch lady) has fallen through. This job literally fell into my lap. My new employer is a well respected man that many people we know speak highly of. He has seemed kind and flexible so far.

That being said... I'm a bit uncertain. It's like the feeling before starting everything new. A bit of the pit in the stomach and a feeling like you have NO idea about what you are about to start. Yet added to that I now have the challenge of quickly finding quality childcare for the few hours of which my work and Andy's will overlap.

So, all that being said... I'd appreciate your prayers. This job is the answer to ours as we searched for the best way to financially get our families re-established after a couple of years of chaos. I'm anxious to see what God has for us in the new adventure.

What does this all mean for Frugal Family Feasts/Domestic Artistry??? Probably more crockpot experimentation, quick meals, maybe a return to eating out a bit. Let the fun begin.


  1. Wishing you the best in your new job and as you try to find a new balance within your family. A few years ago, I had that same uncertain feeling and ended up realizing I'd found what was nearly a perfect fit. Hope that ends up being true for you as well!

  2. Know that you will do amazing awesome at your new job and that they will fall in love with you VERY quickly!!! How could they NOT?!?!? You are a awesome!!

    Yes, there will be a time of adjustment, and my prayer for you is that you and the boys will have grace to walk thru this stage in life.

    If things are too busy for you, and you are unable to complete our project, I understand completely - please don't stress about it. : )

  3. Thanks Mojonah - I plan on finishing the project, just might take an extra week.


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