Saturday, July 11, 2009

Frugal Feasting Tips

One of my best frugal and time saving tips I learned from Robin Miller's "Quick Fix Meals" on the Food Network. She refers to the method as "morphing." I think of it as creative use of leftovers.

The Premise: cook a large portion of meat for the first meal and use the leftovers to create additional meals from. This saves LOTS of time and helps you take advantage of when specials are run on particular meats. It also helps to build and layer flavors. Watch for more of these recipes in the days to come.



  1. Just wanted to let you know that I read this blog but don't comment often only b/c the way the comments thing is set doesn't let's the same on Jen's Food Blog too. But I AM reading and I'm excited for some of those recipes you listed!


  2. Just had to say that you forgot CHEESEBURGERS on your grilling poll :). I've had fun reading your blog... you are SO darn creative in the kitchen!!!

  3. Teresa - I simplified it for your posting pleasure.

    Schwadette - how silly me to forget. they are such a staple in our world, that I guess I forgot the common.

  4. Oh...Thank you!!

    ...but it wasn't the word's something new w/ blogger on the comments thing where you have to pick a profile or whatever...I can only go anonymous b/c it doesn't like my google's really weird and the only blogs like that are this one and Jen's food blog. I dunno...



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