Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Favorite Chai

I love chai tea and wish that I could get one from the coffee shop anytime I wish, but that's not financially a wise decision. However, I've found the best possible alternative. In my pursuits to eat healthier, I've found Almond milk. I'm not fond of the flavor for drinking plain, but let me tell you, combined with the chai mix, it's divine. The hint of almond flavor and the spice in the chai is a wonderful combination. It would only be made better with steamed milk rather than just regular warm milk.

Right now there are tons of coupons and specials being run on almond milk (from several different brands). Makes an inexpensive time to try it out.

Total Cost: (per serving) $.30
Chai Mix $.10 (Cheep Foods)
Almond Milk $.20 (Target)

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