Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kitchen Disappointments

Okay, a little piece of honesty here. This blog is about my attempts to feed my family well on a budget. Notice the ATTEMPTS.

Keeping it real, not all my attempts are successes, and this past week has been one of those learning curve times and try again experiences.

* Hospitality OOPS
We had a family come over Friday night for homemade pizza and let our kids play. I used the bread maker to make pizza dough for me while I was at the chiropractor. Thanks to traffic I was running late. I threw a bit of cornmeal on the cookie sheets, spread the dough and off we go... late of course. WELL, in my haste, I didn't grease the cookie sheet and didn't put enough corn meal down. SO time to serve and the pizza is STUCK to the pans. It was chiseling with the spatula to get some off to serve.
Welcome to our world. Our new friends were very gracious and we had lots of good laughs over it.

* Cinco de Mayo
Wanted something with a bit of spice other than taco (I love them but my husband is not so much a fan). So I put 1 1/2 lbs of cubed pork loin into a dutch oven with 2 T of taco seasoning, 1 can of tomato sauce and enough water to cover the meat. I cooked it for about 3 hours at 325.

While the meat was tender, it was REALLY bland. I think I'll try it again with the following alterations. Coat meat lightly with flour and brown in oil before adding liquid. Add pepper and onions to the saute mix. Up seasoning to 3-4 T of taco mix. Served over rice.

So if you are saying to yourself, the things I make don't turn out, please know that you are not alone. It happens to ALL of us.

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