Sunday, May 9, 2010

Savory Monkey Bread

Who said that monkey bread had to be sweet? Here's a little diddy that I made with my favorite monkeys. Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. You are amazing women. Praying for those whose heart aches - missing a mother or long to live that dream...

1 can Refrigerator Biscuits (or homemade dough)
5-8 T Butter (depending on how butter you like it - I recommend 6-7 T)
1/2 t Garlic powder, dried
1 t Parsley, dried
1 t Sea Salt
1/8 t Course ground pepper

Have your favorite monkeys start tearing apart the biscuits (or cut them each into 4-6 pieces) into a greased baking disk.
Melt the butter and add seasonings to the butter. Carefully pour all over the broken biscuits.

Bake according to biscuit package directions (may take 2-3 additional minutes but watch carefully.) You want lightly browned so they stay soft. Flip out onto a plate and serve.

Total Cost: $.80
Biscuits - $.35 (Aldi)
Butter - $.45 (Aldi)
Spices - from pantry stock

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